We're proud share what inspires our design in form and colours.

Forged Folds

During a cloudly and rainy day, my daughter and I do something together and we approaching the fashinating world of Origami. Working on our first creation, a new idea comes to me, Why don't apply the fold technique on a simple top? Nothing complicated, I don't like weigh down design, just a fold here and there.
The F&F line was born, which immediately gets consent from our customers for its original minimalism.

Summer & Sea

It was a hot friday in Milan, after a exhausting working week, we moved to the sea for a relaxing weekend.
The blue of that wonderful sky, the light, the funny stripes of beach houses, gave the inspiration for this sofisticated but easy tunic made with the finest Italian Linen and luxury silk, equipped with a detachable neck to protect from the evening breeze. 

Coral Reef

Returning from a wonderful journey with eyes still full of coral reef's colors and wonders, we find this line of silk organza fabrics that reminded us so much the stripes of tropical fishes.
Thus is born the dress coat, an elegant summer coat in silk organza lined with fresh linen batiste, closed with refined automatic buttons covered in silver leather, can also be worn as dress.

Architectural & Colours

The soft lines of an Art Nouveau staircase blended with the colors of summer. The flared tunic in cooked cotton borns with a silk insert in the colors of the sea.


The grandeur of Venice with its unique gondolas's shape and the magic of the Impressionist paintings suggested the creation of this sleeveless coat, made with multicolor silk threads, lined in black silk.
A new piece of Why Not coats collection.